About Us

Welcome to the home of Creswell Oreganics, a new kind of organic cannabis farm. With a combined experience of 30 years in the industry growing and cultivating, we are hardly the new kids on the block. We are excited to tell you about our mission, explain our ethos and practices and introduce you to our flagship strain, Crater Kush.

The story starts in the Big Sky Country of Montana, where Trent and Shayney Hancock provided 75 patients with high-quality, pesticide-free, organic cannabis. When Oregon passed cannabis legalization in 2015, Trent, a native Oregonian identified Lane County as the perfect place to lay down roots for an indoor farming concept. Using a proprietary HVAC and air flow technology they had developed, Trent and Shayney acquired a former vineyard outside of Eugene and began building Creswell Oreganics one octagon at a time.


Our flagship strain Crater Kush, was developed through rigorous testing and experimentation. We crossed Obama Kush with White Widow, stress tested 5000 seeds, and bred only the strongest DNA. Cultivating Crater Kush in our vertical indoor grow allows us to eliminate the need for pesticides and sprays. Our facility features our proprietary air control system which controls pests and mold by controlling air flow and temperatures. Crater Kush is free of even organic solutions frequently spayed on plants to control powdery mildew, like neem. That means when you smoke Crater Kush, whether flower or oil, you experience a unique terpene profile and nothing else.

Our Mission

We aim to revolutionize the industry with our proprietary air flow system, which simulates the climate found in the Hindu-Kush mountain range—ideal for growing dense sticky flower. By controlling air flow, speed and temperature, our patent pending technology eliminates mold and pests without spraying any chemicals—even organic solvents like neem oil. We use about 1/3 less energy than a conventional indoor grow, so we can offer dispensaries a top shelf product at an attractive price.

Creswell Oreganics is a Tier 2 OLCC production facility located on 36 acres of farmland just south of Eugene. To schedule a tour at the grow or hear more about Creswell Oreganics,


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