Our Mission

At Creswell Oreganics, we are committed to cultivating clean high grade cannabis sustainably. Our patented vertical octagon growing systems represent state of the art innovation in cannabis cultivation. Using rapid air exchange and temperature algorithms in a highly regulated indoor environment, this technology has completely eliminated the use of harmful pesticides and fungicides that many grows use to address bug and mold issues. These systems simulate the pristine environmental conditions in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range in modern-day Afghanistan. We started with our flagship cultivar Crater Kush, and we grow from there...

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Our flagship cultivar Crater Kush was developed by Creswell Oreganics through rigorous testing and experimentation. We crossed a White Widow male with an Obama Kush female, stress tested over 5000 seeds, and bred only the most aromatic and therapeutic phenotypes. This particular cross has a one-of-a-kind terpene profile with the essences of orange, cinnamon, pine and lavender. Though its genetics are largely indica-dominant, Crater Kush will get you inspired and ready to go with a clear, energetic high.


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